Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Take Time for Youself, Ladies

Take Time for Yourself!
I was talking to my brother the other day and the subject of the Sci-Fi Channel came up. He was shocked that I admitted to rarely watching it. He couldn’t fathom that I was missing Battlestar Galactica, the StarGate series, and Firefly. “What the hell happened to you?” the single, footloose and carefree 37 year old shouted. “Where’s your passion for science fiction gone to?” Where’s it gone to he asks? Gee, I dunno. Let’s see. Wife, mother, full time job? I’d say that sums it up.
Since that conversation I’ve come to a realization that can be summed up in two words…screw it! Screw the laundry! Screw the housework, and screw the overtime. It’s time to make room for ME! Where’s the passion gone? It’s gone because there’s no time for it. Ladies, I encourage all of us to take time for ourselves. Indulge 2 hours a week minimum to shut out the world and enjoy some sci-fi.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here, here. And while we are taking time for ourselves, may I put in my two cents for an awesome book series? Full of wonderful characterization, romance (though not as steamy as Gabaldon, another favorite)and a great non-Terran culture, the Liadin Universe by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller is my all-time favorite. Much more along the lines of sci-fi then fantasy, but not devoted to the gee-whiz techno gadgets of many series, the writing is simply wonderful. Regards, Meredith

2:20 PM  
Blogger ellenceleste said...

I second the plug for the Liadin books. And remember, books are portable! You can take them with you and read while waiting for kids to get out of school or after-school activities. A great way to squeeze in some time. Also SciFi is now showing the latest Dr. Who on Friday night. Tape or tivo this one, because it's terrific. And if you didn't start watching BSG from the beginning, go get the dvd's. Thank goodness they're so affordable now! Take an hour or two and watch. Ellen

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Gaudior said...

I second the encouragment to watch BSG (but do start from the beginning, as Ellen says). It's wonderfully acted and written, with humorous moments, great characters, and very few weak episodes. And the Adama-Roslin relationship has great potential!

10:25 AM  
Blogger ellenceleste said...

There are a number of interesting relationships in BSG. Baltar and his cylon are fascinating. I also like the father/daughter relationship between Adama and Starbuck. If you've only seen the original, the whole Starbuck as a girl thing may shock you, but it really works! Ellen

7:54 PM  
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